About Us

Wooden Floors Online Limited offers quality engineered floors and accessories without the designer price tag. We have a history of over 20 years in the specialist wooden flooring market. We believe the most important part of a home is the flooring, and with one of our quality floors you will reach your full potential what ever design or concept you decide best suits your decor.

Our company is operated with the minimum fuss, with maximum customer focused goals, we want our customers to purchase from us knowing that the quality flooring will surpass expectations and offer them the perfect flooring for there needs. We control what we provide and have tested our flooring to make sure that the highest quality production is at your finger tips when installing one of our floors. Your recommendation to family and friends is extremely important to us, so although your delighted we want you to spread the word, because we achieve this high quality flooring with great price points with your recommendations.

Exclusively serving customers in Greater London, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, East & West Sussex and the Isle of Wight. We concentrate on our key areas we never want to be far from one of our floors, and this is why you can only BUY ONLINE, and we are delighted to have our floors showcased in the best specialist wood flooring retailers in your local area. Making sure our floors are viewed with impartial, and professional advice with the customers needs at the forefront of any potential purchase. 

Thank you for considering us, we hope you enjoy our website and products. 


 Wood has been used in the home for centuries – Wooden Floors Online is here to show you the possibilities and help you create that perfect floor for your busy lifestyle!

Founder & Owner of Wooden Floors Online Limited